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Chelmor Property Limited is a property development and investment company which has developed property in London, Wales and Jersey in the Channel Islands.

It has developed residential apartments, houses and hotels and has acquired property investments for its own portfolio and in an advisory capacity for investors

The British Energy Security Strategy announced by the UK Government on the 7th April 2022 states :-

“We`re going to produce vastly more hydrogen which is easy to store, ready to go whenever we need it, and is a low carbon superfuel of the future” “Our drive on renewables makes green hydrogen especially valuable for flexibility and as a storage solution” “The UK will look to be a leader in developing a domestic source of this super-fuel, in this ever-increasing internationally competitive space”

Due to the climate emergency, Chelmor Property will be changing its focus to concentrate on green-hydrogen related projects from 2022 and discussions have already commenced with various partners.  Chelmor Property has now set its sights on developing its next residential project by dramatically reducing the building`s energy requirements with zero-carbon emissions and totally powered by solar and green hydrogen, removing dependence on the grid.