Future Projects

Chelmor Property has changed its focus from pure property developments to the design and development of properties with zero-carbon emissions. By using correct building materials, carbon emissions can be substantailly reduced and in some cases can be mitigated altogether.

Renewable energy will feature prominantly in all future developments by the company, by using solar, wind or wave power ( or a combination
of some or all ) together with low carbon emission materials. Material choice alone may be insufficient to create a zero-carbon house, so in these cases green-hydrogen will be produced on site to provide electricity, removing the need for grid connectivity. 

Our mission is to develop houses and flats with zero carbon emissions fuelled by solar and green hydrogen without any gas or electricity bills.

Future Projects

All future projects, whether residential or commercial, are likely to be joint ventures with companies interested in developing zero-carbon emission properties using green hydrogen and solar power.

Western House, Wales

In 2022, Chelmor Property will develop a “first of a kind” house in Wales where all of the electricity will be produced either by solar power or by the creation of green hydrogen on site, without the need of a grid connection.

The development of Western House will enable further design of a mini-grid system to create green hydrogen from solar to serve a number of houses in a community.

The Company feels strongly that the production of green hydrogen to power homes and commercial buildings is essential to reach the UK Government`s ambitious zero-carbon target by 2050, as well as interim targets by 2030.